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How To Transform A Steel Wire Into A Product

Steel wires are particularly sought after because of their stainless property, although the processing of this type of metal can be quite difficult. The processing of this material is complicated due to its qualities such as strength and strength, however it can be counted on various techniques that facilitate the processing and use of this material. The most used technique is certainly to add to the processing of steel extra elements, such as sulfur which has the property of making the steel easier to mold.

Thanks to the characteristics of the steel wires and through a modelling work of the same it is possible to obtain a wide range of products with versatile properties. The processing of the steel wires integrated with cutting-edge technology, allows obtaining high quality (certified) materials with a customizable design, which makes the choice of this product even more functional and practical.

Transform A Steel Wire Into A Product

The equipment for working the steel wires

The steel wires have great strength and endurance and because of these properties their processing often involves the damage of the tools used during the process. Therefore it is always recommended to use very resistant cutting tools that are able to bend the steel without compromising the instrument itself. However this is really a very difficult undertaking to achieve. In fact, even when the steel is worked through modern and advanced machinery, the latter require continuous maintenance and not only the substitution of the components, such as the tips used for cutting the material. This is due to the wear of the components.

Micro shot peeling process for steel

Through the processing of steel wires you get a product that must have a better and healthier aesthetic appearance.

To confer these properties to the final product, it is necessary to intervene on this through the famous micro-shot peening process. Micro shot peening is a technique that takes place by cleaning, abrasion, polishing and removing material imperfections, giving the product a better surface finish. This applies to all types of surfaces: opaque, bright or shiny.

Micro shot peening is a mechanical process that occurs through rapid fire impact on a metal surface: a bombardment of small glass beads, ceramic, aluminum or stainless steel, which smoothes the metal surface when it comes into contact.

The glass beads are very hard but at the same time very light, so they have the main action in the abrasive blasting process.

Glass beads can also be chosen in different sizes: the choice of a smaller or larger diameter depends mainly on the type of abrasion of the surface to be obtained or whether it is small and more complex to work with. Furthermore, glass to be better suited to the interaction with non-ferrous metals, including aluminium and steel, is mixed with a series of physical and chemical substances.

The micro shot-peening process is also an eco-sustainable technique, as the glass used can be completely recycled: the stainless steel glass microsphere is safe and reliable as it is economical.

This external finishing process not only improves the surface of the product from an aesthetic point of view but also creates an external compression layer that makes the material even longer lasting, increasing its durability and reducing the probability of internal and external defects.